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By: Sebastian

Young Firm Growth Case Application – Individual assessment item

Young Firm Growth Case Application – Individual assessment item

In this course we study the relationship between new venture growth and strategy. It
provides students with an overview of the dynamics involved in growing a new
venture including the many aspects that must be considered to ensure the business
operates smoothly and meets the needs of its customers while keeping a focus on
strategy. Intellectual Capital and the Resource Based View are the two main
frameworks utilised to examine the dynamic relationships. The course adds to the
information gained in other courses such as Opportunity Assessment, Marketing and
Financial Management and presents students with an opportunity to acquire the
knowledge and skills needed to complete another aspect of a comprehensive
business plan.

This assessment item is an individual assignment that focuses on the application of
the business model design tools presented in this course to the context of a firm’s
resource based strategic growth plan. Complemented by your own research, you are
required to consider a growth venture proposition using the intellectual capital and
resource based strategy perspectives covered in this course.
You are required to:
§! Describe the venture detailing its background, the core business and the
entrepreneur’s aspirations for the venture
§! Define an appropriate customer value logic for the venture
§! Design and document the intellectual capital resources required to ground
the growth
proposition for the venture
§! Articulate the intellectual capital resources currently available to the
venture and those
that are yet to be acquired
§! Using resource based theory, assess the potential competitive advantage
position of the venture and recommend an intellectual capital resource based
strategy that will enhance the chance of success of the venture
§! Develop a set of principles that will guide the entrepreneur in managing the
acquisition and growth of key intellectual capital resources to form the basis of
a three year plan
§! Propose a long term resource based strategy for the venture describing the
growth of core assets that will be critical for the venture to maintain a unique
proposition and competitive advantage in preparation for acquisition.
Length and Presentation:
Presentation will be in report format. The typical length will be a maximum of 3000
words plus appendices as deemed necessary.
Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:
The report will be judged on its structure, presentation, content, integration and
synthesis of course materials. Please note that the academic assessment can only
make judgement on the educational validity and not the actual business or project
strategy. The mark will reflect your learning and will not be an indicator of the merit of
the strategy.
The standards by which the assignment will be assessed include:
• The level of detail provided that demonstrates understanding of the key issues
techniques involved in developing a new firm’s value logic and competitive
• Evidence of critical analysis of the issues and concepts.
• Demonstration of an understanding of; the relative importance of resource stocks, how
these stocks relate to the firm’s competitive position and the extent to which they
contribute to competitive advantage.
• Clear articulation of a set of guiding principles for the entrepreneur that support the
development of the proposed competitive position and advantage.
• The extent to which the entrepreneur’s exit strategy has integrity and legitimacy with
proposed strategic position and advantage.
• Clarity of expression and good use of language.
• Logical planning, structure and sequence of presenting your findings.
• Overall presentation including correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and referencing.
output knowledge from this task:
1- Assessed the changes in intangible resources that will be required assuming
the growth of a new venture and predict the changing role of the entrepreneur
within the firm’s management structure
2- Prepare a set of design principles for a new venture that will guide the growth,
acquisition, recruitment and deployment of intangible resources for sustaining a
competitive advantage.
Please find the first file ( Opportunity assessment ), if the proposed venture is valid to
apply it to this task that would be so much better and easier for you, kindly confirm
using the opportunity by massage.
Please be aware of the important elemants that need to be covered in the paper, the
slides should cover it all if not please contact regarding the missing information

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