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By: Sebastian

white privilege

Pick one example from Peggy McIntosh’s list of white privilege examples to explain and illustrate. Make a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides explaining the following: a. What is White Privilege? b. Describe one example of White Privilege from the list of fifty. Give a scenario of your example. You can use audio and/or videos clip, a photo, a song, a document, or a sign as long as they are appropriate to be shown in class. Videos, songs, and audio clips should be less than 5 minutes in length. Explain the white privilege example in detail in the example given. c. In your example, describe how the white person gets treated. d. In your example, describe how the minority person gets treated. e. Provide your results in a graph, chart, or table. The results are from taking surveys of your participants. How did they answer? Who was your sample that you surveyed? (Students, co-workers, friends, family, age categories, gender, race, ethnicity etc.). Why did you pick these people to be in your survey? f. What is affirmative action? Provide a definition and an example of affirmative action that we did not discuss in class. g. Find a peer review scholarly journal article from the BCC Library about white privilege and any one ethnic group or racial group. Explain the article in one paragraph about how white privilege affects this group.

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