What is PEEL paragraph?

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In its basic term, a paragraph can be defined as a group of interconnected sentences that brings out or supports and idea. The basic component of any paragraph is a sentence that can be defined as a set of words conveying a single thought. In any particular paragraph a sentence act as the basic element of information. Each sentence provides a single piece of information that has to be grammatically collect. To achieve perfection in an essay each paragraph must have its own argument that which is connected to the main topic and this is where the concept PEEL paragraph comes in. PEEL paragraph concept allows writers to showcase an argument and provide evidence for the same.

PEEL paragraph is a writing approach that gives writers a structure to follow. It enables writers to express ideas and thought to readers more consciously. PEEL paragraph structure allows the writer to present ideas and thoughts in a logical and organized manner.

Now let us look at the meaning of abbreviation PEEL


In any given paragraph the first sentence is crucial in setting the agenda of what you will be discussing in that given paragraph and to a large extent the essay. This is perhaps the most important sentence in the paragraph as it captures the main point and what thoughts the writers will discuss in that paragraph. This sentence is often used to capture readers' attention and make them want to read more. When writing this sentence it's important to focus on the main point and avoid irrelevant information as it may confuse the readers and make them lose interest. When choosing the point that will introduce the paragraph you need first to evaluate if the point is valid to the topic of the paragraph and by extension the essay.


Now that you have clearly outlined your key point in the opening of the paragraph the next step is to provide evidence and relevant examples to support your points. The evidence can be in the form of facts, verdict examinations or data from credible sources including experts, magazines and journals. Getting evidence is not easy and it requires extensive research which you should do before starting your essay or academic paper. The most important thing you need to do here is to make the reader believe and agree with your point. This is important as it will capture readers' attention even more and ensure they continue reading. Personal experiences, testimonial and physical evidence can form part of the evidence where need be. The most important thing to put in mind here is that poorly expressed evidence or a weak one is far worse than a lack of evidence. Always ensure you put strong evidence from a credible and reliable source to provide solid support to the point raised.




Once you have the point and evidence clearly stated the next step is to make the reader understand the points and evidence outlined. In some cases, the argument and evidence raised may not support each other. The writer therefore must interpret the evidence and give a clear explanation of points raised. You should go into details to explain the point raised in your argument and how the evidence relates or supports your point. This requires a clear interpretation of the evidence used for the readers. Explanation in many cases forms the assessing point for your lecturer.  A good and accurate explanation may lead to better assessments. When writing an explanation it important to avoid technical details as it may confuse readers, use a subtle language instead.


This is the trickiest part of the paragraph. A link plays two crucial roles; one is to end a point and the other is to introduce a new point. When well mastered a link can create a positive effect on the professor or reader. Linking sentence summarizes the essence of the paragraph to the readers and should be able to connect the main point of the essay or the academic paper. Unlike other forms of writing an essay deals with different points in every paragraph hence it's important to connect them. An essay should never be written as a narrative, getting the link right help to make the essay less narrative. An essay or any academic paper deals with a different idea in every paragraph and that why it's important to get the linking sentence right to ensure there is a connectivity of thought and idea.

How to write a paragraph in a PEEL way

Now that we have looked at components of a PEEL paragraph the next question is to structure a PEEL paragraph.

  1. Plan the paragraph

This is one of the most ignored part of writing but one that can be the difference between getting your PEEL paragraph right or wrong. Planning can help you save time and avoid getting stuck along the way. When planning your paragraph it's good to brainstorm the ideas you want to put forward and the evidence to use to support it.

  1. Jot the introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph is important in capturing readers' attention and making sure they want to read more. When writing an introductory paragraph avoid using first-person pronoun like me and I.

  1. Select the appropriate example

Sometimes you can have more than one example to support your argument and it's not practical to put all of them down hence it's important to evaluate them and pick one. In this case, the best example is the one that has more information and directly relates to the point presented. In cases where you find yourself having to choose between alliteration and metaphor examples, choose metaphor one as it carries more meaning. Your choice of example goes further to show your thinking process.

  1. Write linking sentence

This is one of the most difficult piece of writing that many students often find hard to write. However, it's an important one in summarizing key points and framing a wider argument.

  1. Proofreading

This goes without saying, proofreading is very important as it helps rectify any grammatical errors that may be in the essay or paragraph. During proofreading watch out for spelling mistakes, readability, grammatical error and general structure of the sentence. You can use online tools to rectify any errors.

Do’s and Don’ts when writing PEEL paragraph

  1. Use the third person

As earlier mentioned when writing an essay or any academic paper you should avoid the first-person pronoun and concentrate on the third-person pronoun. Avoid using first people like I, me, we, my, etc and a second person like you. Your paragraph should be in third person narrative like he, she, etc.

  1. Don't use a contraction

Contraction is a word that has been shortened by removing a letter or two. This letter is then replaced by an apostrophe. Contractions are often used in speeches and dialogue but should not be used in an essay. Always write the word in full to give it a more formal appearance. However, when quoting another person the use of contraction is allowed to some extent.


“we’ve observed that students who follow our recommendation perform well in exams" This sentence would be ideal for informal and blog kind of writing but in an essay and other academic paper the sentence should be written, “ we have observed that students who follow our recommendation perform well in exams”

  1. Avoid informal or spoken language

Spoken language and written language are often different because when we speak we do it casually or informally but when we write something not meant for our peers we have to use formal language. Essays and other academic writing cannot be written in a conversational tone.



What makes a good PEEL paragraphed essay

The overall purpose of using a PEEL paragraph is to write a perfect essay. PEEL paragraph structure can help you arrange thoughts and ideas in the best way possible but that alone won't get you marks. Here are some useful features to keep in mind when writing that essay

  1. Avoid having more than one point per paragraph: This is perhaps the most important rule you need to adhere to when writing an essay. Every PEEL paragraph you write should have only one idea complete with evidence and explanation. Having more than one point makes it harder for readers to spot the main point and can sometimes make your work look busy.

  2. Outline your essay before writing: It’s one thing to have your ideas and points well laid out but to achieve perfection you need to have a well-flowing essay. You can achieve this by outlining your essay first before embarking on writing about it. You outline by first listing down all areas or subtopics you want to discuss then organizing them in a way that will create a free-flowing essay.

  3. Stick to a five-paragraph essay: This is one of the most common paragraph formats that when used well can help students stick to their ideas and stop rambling. The five-paragraph essay has three main parts namely the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is often written in one paragraph while the body takes up to three paragraphs and one paragraph for the conclusion. Even though a five-paragraph essay is the most ideal for any essay sometimes it's impossible to stick to this format and in those circumstances, the writer can do more or fewer paragraphs but the introduction and conclusion should be one paragraph.

  4. Avoid plagiarism: never copy any person's work without giving them credit. Always try to paraphrase your essay and before submitting it check your work with plagiarism checkers.

The benefit of PEEL paragraph

Use of PEEL paragraph structuring has become very popular in recent times and it’s benefits have become more clear and appreciated. Some of the benefits include

  1. It promotes effective communication of the idea

One of the benefits of PEEL paragraph writing is that it ensures the writer is focused and creative. It enables the writer to organize his ideas and points more coherently. The main purpose of the PEEL paragraph is to ensure that every point that is raised is supported with evidence and explanation. By achieving this the writer can communicate his ideas effectively without deviating from the main point.



  1. Helps connect readers and writer

PEEL paragraph style of writing ensures that there is a clear connection between the readers and the writer regarding the topic. Through PEEL paragraph the writer can capture readers’ attention and keep them engaged hence creating a connection with them. The linking enables the writer to keep the topic flowing and readers. A flowing essay helps to keep the readers and writers connected.

  1. Minimizes diversion and keep the writer focused

When PEEL paragraph writing structures is followed effectively chances of the writer diverting from the main topic is often minimal. The writing style requires the writer to have well-organized thoughts and a properly structured essay minimizing the chances of diverting from the main topic and point. PEEL paragraph provides a focused approach to essay writing and ensures there is planned development of ideas

  1. Help use evidence in the right way

One of the essences of the PEEL paragraph is to enable the writer to evaluate and use the available evidence effectively. The rule of the thumb is to use recent evidence in cases where the writer has more than one evidence. PEEL paragraph structure also helps the writer ensure that they use the most appropriate evidence for a given idea or point.

  1. PEEL paragraph promotes idea development

The structured manner of the PEEL paragraph ensures that the writer remains creative through clear thought evaluation.


PEEL paragraph has been proven to be very effective in helping students write a compelling essay. The style provides the writer with a structure and framework to present their ideas in an organized manner. The most important thing that writers need to keep in mind while writing an essay or any other academic paper is to make the readers believe in their words. The idea is to make readers feel connected with what you are saying.









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