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Test File
By: Sebastian



table with LQ values for years 2003-2013 for my economic region of Victoria bristish columbia canada(not the province or country). The excel sheet will be attached and the economic profile too. cut-and-paste those numbers onto MSWord and make sure there’s a row on to with years and a column to the left with industries. Make sure you add a title atop the table and cite the source below (Statistics Canada, Lafour force survey)
half-page write-up of what story the LQ numbers tell you.
is there a concentration of certain industries in your region (high LQs)?
are there industries that are growing relatively faster (LQs climbing markedly between 2003 and 2006)
are there traditional strong industries that are falling (LQs may have been high in 2003 but are markedly lower in 2013)

You can’t say everything in 1/2 page, so find what’s most important. Instead of giving me a play-by-play of what agriculture then constructiuon, then manufacturing, then retail then etc etc are doing, focus on 3 or 4 industries that mesh well with the three bullets I set above. Think about what these trends mean. For example: "Manufacturing has traditionally been a strong sector in the region, but its share of employment has been falling over the past decade. This may owe to the fact much of North America’s wage-sensitive manufacturing activities have been relocating to newly industrializing regions. Agriculture has also been a bastion of the Lower Egyptian economy, but after the 7 plagues its share of employment has fallen drastically. However, we do see education becoming one of the driving sectors of the economy over the same ten-year period (2003-2013). Indeed, as mentioned in the economic profile assignment, Pixie Dust University and Midvale School for the Gifted opened campuses in the region in recent years and have been adding jobs steadily."

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