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By: Sebastian

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care
Order Description
There is no limitation for the references. Reference style is Havard (UTS) whose guide can be found via UTS Library website.
This is the information given by the faculty to us:

Trauma informed care is an approach to mental health service delivery and nursing practice. Trauma informed practice recognises that diverse emotional (and physical) problems, conditions and disorders are trauma-related. Clinicians who use this approach recognise the complexity of the impacts of trauma and work from the foundational principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment.
How does this approach help guide and inform the provision of mental health care in Australia at a policy level and for consumers? How will this approach influence your mental health nursing practice?
Introduces the topic, outlines the purpose of the essay, and demonstrates a depth of knowledge relating to trauma informed care as it relates to people experiencing mental health issues (5 marks)
Explains how trauma informed care can guide provision of mental health care, at a policy level and for consumers; refers to the effects of the approach in a range of different mental health care settings; draws on current literature (10 marks)
Clarity and consistency of reflection on how the framework/principles of trauma informed care relates to or changes your approach to supporting consumers with mental health issues. Provides examples to highlight how this approach is used, or could be used, in practice. (15 marks)
Summarises the main findings and concludes the essay concisely; ideas clearly expressed and well organised; demonstrates correct use of the Harvard (UTS) reference style, including in-text referencing and preparation of the reference list (10 marks)
You will need to also do your own research and find other articles and literature to help formulate

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