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Test File
By: Sebastian

Topic: The Research of Female luxury network Marketing Strategy

Order Description
1.1.Research background
1.2.Purpose of research and Significance of research
1.3.Methods of research and Contents of research
1.4.Objective of research
1.4.1.Female Luxury
1.4.2.Marketing of Female Luxury
1.4.3.Network marketing of Female Luxury
2.Theoretical review
2.1.Review of luxury consumption
2.1.1.Research results of luxury consumption in European market
2.1.2.Research results of luxury consumption in Chinese market
2.2.Review of female consumer behavior
2.2.1.Historical evolution of female consumer behavior
2.2.2.Contemporary female consumer behavior and characteristic
2.3.Review of female marketing
2.3.1.Overview of female marketing
2.3.2.Research results of female marketing
2.4.Review of network marketing
2.4.1.Overview of network marketing
2.4.2.Research results of network marketing
3.Environmental analysis for network marketing of female luxury
3.1.Macroscopic environment analysis
3.2.Microcosmic environment analysis
4.Analysis of female luxury online shopping user’s characteristics and behavior
5.Research of female luxury network marketing strategy
5.1.Analysis of online shopping websites of female luxury
5.2. female luxury network marketing strategy
6.Conclusion and prospect
6.2.Barriers and prospect

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