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By: Sebastian

Teaching and Learning Technology

Order Description
write a paper that examines the introduction of a specific technology for teaching and learning in a particular setting.
Address the following in your paper:
1. Describe a teaching and learning activity or set of activities in a health care education environment that is familiar to you. It could be an academic environment or it could be staff development in a clinical setting. It could be your current workplace or it could be a workplace where you would like to work someday.

2. Select a type of teaching and learning technology you feel would be a good addition to the teaching and learning activities and for the setting you described.

3. Describe how you would assess learner performance in these learning activities before and after the implementation of the additional technology. Identify a technology that could be used to assess learner performance in this situation in which teaching and learning technology is used.

4. Evaluate the implementation requirements for this teaching and learning technology in the workplace you selected.
5. Describe any supporting technology or infrastructure that would facilitate the implementation of this teaching and learning technology in the given setting.

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