Solved: How to Cheat Turnitin and other Plagiarism Detect Software

Post Date: 21 May 2020

Solved: How to Cheat Turnitin and other Plagiarism Detect Software
Have you been cracking your head wondering how you can cheat Turnitin and present your paper without getting caught by that grey-haired professor? Has your time run out and you just want to submit that vastly plagiarized paper and still earn marks with it without a sweat?
Well, I got you covered. I am here to show you how and how to get away with it. Essays, reports, book analyses, and different types of assignments form vital initiation and testing tools in every learning institution worldwide especially those of higher learning for students. However, the authenticity demanded in such works is a source of tension to students making school life unbearable more so where the submission date is super close.
In their bid to deliver, students, unfortunately, fall victim to plagiarism detection software such as the infamous Turnitin and Safe assign which can inevitably cost them good grades, or worse face expulsion from the institution. Well, who wants to fail or get caught? Thus it is imperative you equip yourself with little hacks on how to fool these plagiarism detection machines.
Why Cheat?
Why cheat? You might ask. Well consider this, the average student can have 6 to 8 subjects or units being taught by different lecturers. As we know every lecture or at least a big lot takes their subject to be the most important and demands nothing less than exceptional work when they give out assignments. It has to be perfect, original, unique, and bonafide to earn you decent marks. The student must dedicate several hours to the assignment to make it unmatched. That weighs upon the poor student who is just trying to make it in life and balance between education, fun, family time, and relationship life. Many of these unfortunate students fall into depression.
Well, no need to be stressed anymore as I am going to show you 9 proven ways to cheat Turn it in Safe assign and other plagiarism detection software so that you don't fall victim to the shackles of plagiarism.
How the software work
To beat this software at their own game you got to understand how they detect the probability of plagiarism and maximize their weaknesses. Plagiarism checkers work by comparing text which has been submitted against their database (which has millions of references) by using sophisticated text-matching algorithms. In simple terms in compares your work with journals newspaper content, book, online public content and previously submitted assignments to identify any similarity.
It identifies similar words and similar sentence structure throughout the whole text and it's quite formidable at this. After which the software presents the results in the form of a similarity index. As long as reference is on point a similarity index of up to 40% is usually acceptable. Controversially a very low similarity index like 3% or a very high index such as 90% is quite undesirable and your work may be deemed scanty or plagiarized respectively.
Now here are the geeky methods you can use to deceive Turnitin and other similar software
• Paraphrasing
Paraphrasing is a gem when it comes to tricking the plagiarism checkers. Done correctly and extensively, paraphrasing is sufficient in evading plagiarism. However, as easy as it sounds to paraphrase you have to be meticulous and skilled to avoid distorting the message in your text or being wordy. Either of which will earn you mediocre marks. Here is a video on how to paraphrase like a pro.

You can also use online paraphrasing tools not to paraphrase but to get ideas on how to paraphrase effectively.
• Make thesaurus your friend
Make a habit of synonymizing your work. Synonyms are a salient tool in fooling plagiarism detection software as these machines work on the similarity of the words not the similarity of meaning. Furthermore, they provide an excellent way of showing your mastery of the language you are using which is always a plus when it comes to earning more marks. The most effective way to confuse the Turnitin algorithms is to provide a synonym for the third word in the sentence before going on to synonymize the other words in the sentence. Take care not to provide synonyms with slightly different meanings as this will alter the quality of your work.
• Hire qualified essay writers
Hiring the services of professional writers from trusted websites is the smartest move as it saves your precious time enabling you to work on something else. Most importantly it saves you the burden of writing it yourself. It does not mean you cannot do it yourself. Only that time is a pleasure students can't afford.
Professional writers write essays from scratch ensuring originality and uniqueness of your work. They diligently customize your paper addressing the question or questions as accurately as humanly possible because they have been trained for that.
HOMEWORK HUB (link) provide you with state of the art writing services and is very friendly to your pocket. The writers from HOMEWORK HUB are thoroughly trained and are equipped with knowledge not only in writing but also in the loopholes of these plagiarism checkers which they readily use to make your essay unmatched. Now you know what to do when you need your work done professionally and faster.
• Include images in your paper
Adding images to your paper such as pie charts, graphs, and pictures of relevant objects or people have also proved to be one of the best ways of tricking Turnitin. This is because Turnitin usually flags such a paper. However, this method alone is not that effective if you do not do something about the text in the essay Employ a variety of hacks in one paper for the best results.
• Occasionally swap letters in words
Swapping letters is an ingenious way of fooling Turnitin. What you have to do is look for a letter in any other language that resembles any letter in the word and replace the normal letter with its look alike. For instance, in the word 'running', write it as 'ṙunning' or 'heir' write it as ḩeir. It is easier for the professor to recognize the word and grasp its meaning before realizing the slight mistake and its role in your paper. Brilliant right? Furthermore, Turnitin will not rule the words as similar.
• Apply the trick of invisibility
Did you know that you can use white text in an essay to cheat Turnitin? Trick Turnitin like a pro by inserting whited out coma, full stop, any other letter, or character within the spaces. Because the background is white the letters within the spaces will be camouflaged and the lecturer wouldn't be able to tell it apart. The good news is the software will recognize whatever you have written as a novel text. The bad news is it's quite a risky method so you have to use it sparingly. For instance:
'The Song Dynasty was the first empire to use real banknotes.'
Replace it with:
See the whited out version:
Do not forget to white out the middle letter or your work will look ridiculous.
• Present your essay as a pdf
This is another simple trick. When you present your work as a portable document format after using macros to modify it Turn it in will register that document as the original. I know that you are probably wondering what macros are well because not all of us have been in a computer class. Worry not, I got you covered, follow the link below to learn more about text macros and how to use them on your essays.
• Alter the order of the words in a sentence
Another easy and less time-consuming way of fooling Turnitin is changing the order of words as they appear in their original sentence. Have a look at the following example.
Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John F. Kennedy were some of the most exceptional presidents in North America.
Replace it with,
Some of the most exceptional presidents in North America were Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kenedy, and George Washington.
I would advise you to use this hack with other tricks like paraphrasing for better results.
• Master the technique of citation
Properly citing copied will not only help you get away with it but also display your proficient writing skills. Carefully site the sources;
i. When you have directly quoted from it.
ii.When you have summarized information from it.
ii. When you have applied ideas from it.
iv. When you have paraphrased it.
Chances are you will probably lift words directly from the source especially quotes or direct speech. Cite the source and make sure every source appears in the references to legalize your copied work.
You can search on google or youtube on how to properly cite when using MLA, Chicago, APA, or any other format.
Content writers are the wiser choice
The tricks above have proved to be effective many a time, however, you have to bear in mind that as you learn them, your lecturers are probably also learning them and on how to catch you even after you escape the fetters of Turnitin. News flash! Even that grizzled professor knows about google. To be smarter and 100% sure you have to master how to apply these tricks in combination for the best result.
However, the best method you can use is to hire qualified content writers from a trusted source like HOMEWORK HUB. As explained earlier, they will do magic on your paper, you will love your results.
As you hire any other content writers, the most important thing to consider is your privacy. When place an order on these websites provide pseudo details, hide your real identity. Disagreements may arise at any time. Some writers can go to great lengths to make you pay if you do not honor your part of the bargain. They might decide to contact your school and ruin your reputation even before you submit your assignment. Use fake credentials especially when you seek writing assistance on public platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.
Essay makers will let you down
EssayTyper and EssayBot sure write essays but have only one weakness which will screw up your essay. They are programmed machines. That means their creativity and judgment is limited. They end up paraphrasing your whole essay from any publicly available source including Wikipedia, the site avoided by any professional writer. You will easily get caught if you leave the task to these machines.
Refrain from buying prewritten essays
It is possible that once in a while you come across essays that have already been written on the topic which you are supposed to research. Thinking that you have hit the jackpot you go ahead and buy it and paraphrase it a little to personalize it and make it unique. Well, unfortunately, ten of your colleagues have probably bought the same paper which means they will also attempt to paraphrase the idea. You might be lucky and cheat the plagiarism detectors but your lecturer will know that all of you have cheated because your essays convey the same idea, and that cannot be a coincidence. Avoid buying pre-written essays online. They might look like the fastest option you have but they will cost you a lot in the end.
Steer clear of content mills by all means
Content mills are renowned for having many writers who can handle any assignment you shove unto them. However, most of these writers are underpaid therefore they strive to do many assignments to get more money. They spend little time on your work to achieve their objectives. Chances are your essay will be substandard or plagiarised as these writers do not spend adequate time on it. It is in your best interest to avoid content mills altogether.
If you are going to hire essay writing services consider hiring legit academic writers. The only way to know if writers on any websites are credible and up to the task is through the following ways:
i. Focus on the writer's cooperation and courtesy.
ii. Gauge the privacy protection offered.
iii. Carefully consider and analyze the samples they have.
iv. Finally, trust your gut when making that decision to hire them, it's never wrong.
If all these have been satisfied, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hire writing services.

Last Updated: 21 May 2020

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