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By: Sebastian

Seminar Economic Term Paper

Topic: Seminar Economic Term Paper

Paper details:

Hi, After discussing with my prof. ; my subject is International Students Spending impact to the USA economy 1/ It requires 20 pages or up. It required a lot of data,
run regression program, or STATA software.
2/ These steps a/ Submit a one page write up (400 words) that outlines your research idea. (independent variable or dependent variable …….) (due Feb 8) b/
Literature Review – 2-3 pages or up to 1000 words. ( due Feb 20 )
c/ detailed description of data and the empirical model you will use to answer your question. ( due Feb 25)
d/ FINAL PAPER due March 1 3/ Note : you can find the data about their tuition impact to University, University to town, town to State…. You can select specific
state as California

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