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Test File
By: Sebastian

Research on Network Carriers – Innovation in business models (Use bullet points for the work)

Order Description
Module: Innovation in Air Transport

Instructions for the Presentation (Research only, use bullet points)

Specific airline business model: Network Carriers

You are randomly assigned to one of the four groups. Each group is asked to focus on a specific airline business model and examine key innovations adopted by airlines in the past few years in the delivery of real and perceived value in reducing costs, enhancing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction for the airlines concerned. Areas of innovation you may look into include but not limit to:

o innovation in business models

Please review as many airlines as possible. A major source of information would be airline websites. You are also encouraged to make use of all available resources.

I have been assigned to research on the area “Innovation in business models” under the title “Network Carriers”. Please review as many airlines as possible and research as much information as possible on the area of “Innovation in business models”. Outline the information and draw out key points.

Please give me two pages of research draft, use bullet point, point form to do it. For each information you research, please put the access link under the researched information. Tables or graphs are good if you can find it.

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