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Practical issues

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Formulating Compelling and Searchable Practice Questions Assignment

• Please write five separate and brief scenarios about practice issues or problems experienced in the course of his/her practice within each of the five EBP-related domains (Therapy, Harm, Prognosis, Diagnosis, and Meaning/Human response)
o Each scenario should be no greater than one page in length
o For each scenario, write a foreground question (AKA the “burning question”)

• Write the foreground question in its related PICO(T) (see Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt test, pp. 30-37) format and specifically identify the PICO(T) elements of each question
o If one of the PICOT elements is not relevant to the domain of interest, list the element and indicate “N/A”. For example, the COMPARISON element is not often used in the Meaning domain and thus, would be N/A)
o T should only be included if there is evidence to support that time matters

• Specifically identify search terms (synonyms) for terms in each questions and perform a search for evidence using some of the identified search terms (provide which specific terms and search engine you used)

• Choose one research report you think represents best evidence and include it in your paper
o Tell why you think that research report represents best evidence to answer the PICO(T) question

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