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Test File
By: Sebastian

Please offer your reaction to the content proposed in this video.

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The following video is from PBS. This video explores a Camden, NJ initiative to reduce health care

spending by developing strategies to work more effectively with patients. You can access the video

at the following VIDEO LINK:
VIDEO QUESTION: Please offer your reaction to the content proposed in this video.
INSTRUCTIONS: Each student is expected to post one direct response to the question
Please format the DIRECT POST as follows:
Introductory Paragraph: In the first sentence or two (or three), describe what the article or video

is about. When you describe the article or video, please include the author’s name (if an article)

or video title and/or narrator’s name (if a video). Then, at the end of this paragraph, tell me

what your answer to the question is. If you wish, offer a one sentence overview of the type of

evidence you are about to present to support your answer.
Paragraph 2: Provide evidence 1 (cite either Stamps or the PowerPoint)
Paragraph 3: Provide evidence 2 (cite either Stamps or the PowerPoint)
Concluding Paragraph: Briefly summarize your evidence and offer a convincing statement that your

evidence is effective enough to support your answer to the question. Attempt to relate back to the

content of the article and/or video.

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