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Test File
By: Sebastian

Observation of adolescents at the mall

Topic: Observation of adolescents at the mall

Order Description
Please give all appropriate demographic information including:

b.Date/time of observation
c.Number of adolescents observed
d.Estimated age range
e.Male to female ratio
f.Ethnic/cultural information

2.Biological Issues

a.Did the adolescents appear comfortable in their own skin/bodies? Describe how you could tell.

3.Cognitive Development

a.Try and listen to conversation.
b.What kinds of cognitive skills seem to be present? (i.e. abstract thought, reasoning, decision-making…)

4.Social Issues

a.What social situations did you observe?
b.Did you notice any differences in SES?
c.What kinds of social roles did you see being played out by these adolescents?
d.Did you notice any observable emotions? Peer pressure? Gender stereotypes?

5.Peer Groups

a.What types of cliques/crowds did you observe?
b.How important did friendship appear?
c.How important did popularity appear?
d.Did you notice any kind of power struggle?


a.How were the adolescents communicating?
b.What types of non-verbal communication did you observe?
c.Did you observe any technological forms of communication?


a.Did adolescents do anything that leads you to believe they are searching for identity? Explain.
b.Did some adolescents appear to be more confident than others? Explain.

8.Moral Development

a.Did you learn anything about adolescents’ moral development? From what?
b.Do you have any opinion on their knowledge or interaction with “right vs wrong”?
c.What kinds of values did you see in their communication and/or behavior?


a.Did you observe any dangerous, illegal, self-injurious or anti-social behaviors? Describe.
b.How severe did these problems appear to be?


a.What was the most valuable lesson learned from this field assignment for you?
b.What assumptions/stereotypes of yours regarding adolescence and adolescent culture were challenged or affirmed? Explain.

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