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By: Sebastian

My Dream Job

My Dream Job
write about the Chicago Tribune. To work there as a graphic designer is my dream job.

Below is a paragraph that can be used as an intro for this paper. Please use and edit it.

I moved to Chicago 10 years ago, since then it has always been my second home and what I call my home away from home. Apparently, after I finish my bachelor degree here in Ai, the ideal place to look for a job is in Chicago. I’m always interested in working at a newspaper company, not to become the company’s journalist, but to be the company’s graphic designer. Chicago Tribune is one of the companies I really want to be part of. My ambition is to be the company’s renowned graphic designer with a positive reputation.

Here’s what you need to add in the paper:
– Describe the company history
– Describe the company environment and culture
– List qualifications for an entry-level position.

I know they don’t offer graphic design position at the moment but just write something for the future.

you can go to this link to use as one of the sources

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