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By: Sebastian

Medication workbook

Medication workbook
Question 1

Outline the roles and responsibilities of the Registered Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist involved in the medication cycle?
(300 words/ 15 marks)

Question 2

Only medications that have been approved can be sold in Australia. Outline the process involved approving a new medication including the role of the TGA and the PBS.
(300 words/ 15 marks)

Question 3 (a)

Research has demonstrated that medication near miss and error events are associated with common causative factors including environment, individual, team, task and systems. Collectively, examination of these factors in respect of errors has been referred to as the ‘systems approach’.

Using relevant literature, describe HOW each of these factors increase the risk of medication errors.
(400words/ 20 marks)

Question 3 (b)

Using relevant literature provide examples of appropriate preventative strategies designed to address the factors you identified in Question 3 (a). Clearly state HOW these strategies will reduce the risk of a medication error.
(400words/ 20 marks)
Question 4

The following are examples of frequently administered medications:
Paracetamol, Oxycodone, Atorvastatin, Warfarin, Frusemide, Clopidogrel,
Choose ONE of these medications and:
a) Identify the brand name/s, its indication for use and the usual adult dose and route
b) Briefly explain the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics of the medication
c) Identify potential adverse effects, interactions and relevant nursing considerations
(300words/ 15 marks)


Question 5

Mr Drago Davic is a 70 year old patient in your ward who has recently been prescribed the medication you researched in Question 4. Mr Davic needs some education to ensure that he uses this medication safely. This question asks you to describe HOW you will teach (think about issues related to the patient [pain, hearing], environment [lighting, time of day], resources etc), not what (the content) you will teach. Using adult learning principles
a) ASSESS his learning needs
b) PLAN an education session with him and
c) Explain how you would EVALUATE the effectiveness of the session.


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