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management information systems (MIS)

management information systems (MIS)

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This is the final part of assignment you wrote before.
This is the lecture comment for the preliminary report: “Sound work Harry. Your report style is good along with your referencing, however you have missed making a rich picture and business process diagram as well as your draft plans for your second assignment. The system you mention is a good one to write about however your example is currently weak, if you can look into the system failure further and place that in your assignment your report will be stronger.”
The assignment should be divided into 6 parts:
1.? a description and the major components of the information system. This should be facilitated by using models of the information system and its associated business processes using the tools covered in the unit – for example, you should provide, as a minimum, a rich picture of the situation and at least one business process model. The description of the system should include an identification of key stakeholders and their needs and/or role with respect to the system. You should also include a brief description of the technical elements of the system as far as they can be ascertained (hardware and software components);
2.? the organisation this information system sits in, and the connections that your chosen information system has with organisational innovation. The strategic context for the system is likely to be relevant to this, and you might find that the Porter’s Five Forces model might assist with the analysis in this area;
3.? a brief summary of issues that may appear in a business case for this system. For example, consider the rationale that management may have used to justify an investment in the system (for example, the key benefits and costs associated with the information system) and the risks they may have attempted to mitigate during its implementation;
4.? a discussion of the decision making processes that the information system might support. What might be important management reports? Are there any business intelligence applications associated with this system? If not, do you see that there could be a potential for such application to be created?
5.? a brief discussion of the information security issues associated with the information systems. A useful starting point for this discussion would be the CIA model as discussed in class;
6.? an analysis of the incident and/or failure of the system. What caused the incident or failure? What impact did this have on the system? How were key stakeholders impacted? Was the system able to fully recover following the incident? Were there any information security connections with the incident?

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