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By: Sebastian

Lesson plans and analogy

Lesson plans and analogy

Each lesson plan should be around 400 words and the rational for anthology should be max 750. All together it should be around 2000 words

1 a) Preliminary Course Text Anthology
a) You are to collect a set of 5 short texts suitable for use in a Preliminary (Year 11) class and based on a specific concept that you will be using as the Preliminary Area of Study. Texts should include a range of modes (eg. spoken, visual, written, website etc ) and genres (eg. poetry, fiction, drama, non-­-fiction etc). These are to be put together into an anthology that reflects an Area of Study OF YOUR OWN DEVISING and arranged in any order you consider suitable. DO NOT use Change, Journeys, Belonging or Discovery as your Area of Study.

b) Write a short 750 word (max) rationale for the anthology as a whole (ie. describing the specific concept
around which the anthology has been developed and:
-­- discussing how these texts represent this concept
-­- the ways these representations shape our understanding of the concept

c) Design 3 x 60 min lessons which are designed to focus on helping students understand:
-­- how these texts represent this concept
-­- the ways these representations shape our understanding of the concept

Explaining carefully how you are leading the students towards these understandings. Designating fewer lessons (3) than there are texts (5) in this assignment is deliberate – to have you think also about the ways texts can be combined in lessons – or even about the ways the same text could be used differently from one lesson to the next. All five texts should be used across the lessons.


The assignment will be marked in terms of the following criteria:
• that all aspects are completed
• the depth of coverage of important appropriate reading
• that all aspects relate to each other
• the appropriateness of your lessons on the text/Area of Study concept
• the degree to which the material reflects an understanding of the Stage 6 Syllabus
The area of study I want to choose is “POWER”. So what needs to be done is that you need 5 texts that are associated with power all need to be different forms of mulit media texts. Such as short texts, posters, short videos and others. So I need 3 lesson plans I have attached to you a lesson plan to assist with what I am expecting it to look like however it needs to be more detailed. I have also attached the English syllabus so you can point out what objectives and outcomes you’re trying to get out of each lesson plan. Since there are 5 texts and only 3 lesson plans. You will talk with 2 texts in 2 lesson plans and 1 text in one lesson plan, however the one with one text you can speak and mentioned the other texts in the other lesson plans.
write a 750 work rationale anthology as a whole talking about all texts and how the anthology has been developed. discussing how these texts represent this concept




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