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By: Sebastian

Journal Critique #2

Journal Critique #2

For this journal critique, you must find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses either catharsis, social cognitive theory, or social learning theory as its theoretical foundation.  Once you have read the article, please do the following for your critique:

•    Cite the article using proper APA style
•    Identify and explain the theory
•    Identify the method used in the study (no explanation needed)
•    Identify the hypotheses or RQs
•    Discuss the results of each H or RQ.
•    What are the strengths of the article?
•    What are the weaknesses of the article?

Please clearly label each portion of this assignment using subheads.  Address each item above in order listed.
This assignment should be turned in via Safe Assign by 6pm Monday, October 19th.  Be sure to
attach a copy of the article you selected to critique.
This critique should be approximately 4-6 pages in length, but there is no specific length requirement.

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