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By: Sebastian

International Humanitarian Law and Russia-Ukraine conflict

International Humanitarian Law and Russia-Ukraine conflict
Paper details:

1. You must explain what body of international law is implicated in the story you

have chosen.

2. You must discuss how that body of international law is generally designed to be

enforced. (That is, which enforcement mechanisms are codified in the relevant


3. You must discuss at least two enforcement mechanisms in the context of the

specific events covered in the story. They can be those that are part of how that

body of international law is designed or they can be others. But either way, you

must discuss how these enforcement mechanisms are operating (or not

operating) in the story. Be specific. You must also compare how they are

operating to how the body of law is actually designed to be enforced and discuss

the implications of this comparison.

a. For example, if the story you chose relates to the Law of the Sea, you

might explain that the Law of the Sea treaty is designed to be enforced by

an international court (the Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.) Nevertheless,

you might point out that in this story, the Law of the Sea is actually being

enforced through monitoring and social pressure. One implication of

relying on social pressure instead of international courts is that claims that

a party has behaved illegally are less credible when made by NGOs than if

they had been delivered through a legally binding court judgment.

Nevertheless, since NGOs are often highly respected, their claims carry

their own type of moral, if not legal, power.

4. You must also compare how the operation of these enforcement mechanisms in

the story is similar or different to how they operated in the course material where

you have also seen them and discuss the implications of these similarities or


a. For example, you might compare the use of social pressure to enforce the

Law of the Sea with how social pressure operated in the article on

Argentina by Brysk. What is similar? What is different? What are the

implications of these similarities or differences for the effectiveness of the

law referred to in the story? In other words, what do you know from other

readings about how the particular enforcement mechanism does or does

not work that helps you understand how effective it may be in this case?

The point of this assignment is to be analytical. By that I mean using the concepts from

the course material to reach a deeper understanding of how international law is

operating in a particular case. You do not have to offer a single thesis statement in your

analysis (though you may). Nevertheless, you should summarize your analysis at the

beginning of your paper so that your reader (me) knows what to be looking for as he

reads. You should also summarize the story or stories you are writing about only as

much as you need to so that your reader understands what you are talking about.

For the news story use: Russian Invasion in Ukraine.

http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/article/ukraine-invasion-one-year-later Talk about how Russia took over Crimea and how they violated IHL and how Ukraine responded to it. Really focus on an enforcement mechanism. You can also use news stories about Russian and Ukrainian conflict that are no more than 6 month old

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