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By: Sebastian

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Project

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Project

Choose a company, brand or initiative you would like to develop an

lMC plan for. Once it is chosen, you CANNOT change it.

0 Executive Summary – The executive summary should include a concise
statement of the problem, a short summary of the major points arising
from your analysis, and the major recommendations from your
analysis including total cost of the proposed plan.

0 Current Situational Analysis – involves the examination of the firm’s
ongoing market situation.
0 Company and Product History
I Product Background
I Past Advertising Themes
I Significant environmental (legal, social, etc) influences.
(first phase: governmental but you have to look if there
are any social influences)
I Relevant Marketing Data (Sales, Market Share, etc). (first
0 Product Evaluation
I Comparison to direct and indirect Competition. (listing
their main competitors) in terms of how do customers
perceive the different brands in the market, their

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