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Test File
By: Sebastian

How has liberalism changed over the course of the twentieth century?


1. How has liberalism changed over the course of the twentieth century?


When you come to write your essays, I will be looking to see whether you answer the question directly, can think critically about the subject matter and do so with style. A good essay has to have an argument, it should be clear, well-structured, and to the point. In order to achieve distinction, you need to show evidence that you are capable of applying the theories to contemporary or historical world politics.

Please follow this criteria

(i) structure Clearly organised and logically structured, though with some
inconsistencies; follows through thesis from
aims to conclusion in limited but adequate

(ii) content and Covers material in generally thorough manner,
approach though with some inconsistencies. Somewhat
lacking in attention to relevant evidence,
examples or arguments. Develops adequate
understanding of issues and problems raised
by the question, though not always focused on
actual question. Approaches material with an
essentially descriptive rather than
analytical focus (a key distinction from 2.1

(iii) style and Adequately written with generally sound
presentation command of grammar and syntax, though with a
few errors of spelling and punctuation;
clearly presented with use of limited but
relevant sources and with consistent


1- Please avoid plagiarism
2- Use journal articles and books
3- Please make the argument clear
4- Please follow these criteria

1-Answer the question precise
2-Proof and acknowledge
3-Begin to proof
4-Don’t use the third person
5-Opening paragraph and zoom it
6-Don’t tell a story
7-Each paragraph answering the question
8-Thesis statement is very important
9-Proof the thesis and answer the question

Please before you use these sources check carefully if it useful to answer the question, and if you can find a new sources:
o Cowen, ‘Why Hollywood Rules the World, and Whether We Should Care’, in F. J. Lechner and J. Boli (eds.), The Globalization Reader (Blackwell, 2000), pp. 335-341D.

o Diawara, African Cinema: Politics and Culture (Indiana University Press, 1991)
o A. Fugard, Tsotsi (1979)

o T. H. Gabriel, ‘Towards a Critical Theory of Third World Films’, in Williams and Chrisman, (ed.), Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Theory (Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1993), pp. 340-58D.

Harvard Referencing:
In text citation: (Surname, Date: Page)
(Reid, 2015: 115)
(Reid, 2015:115; Murray, 1984; 12) – cite two separate authors (and pieces) at the same time
(Reid and Stuart, 2013; 115) – One piece written by two authors
Bibliography/Reference List:
Book: Surname, Initial, (Year of Publication), Title, Edition, Place (city) of publication, publisher
Example: Reid, D. (2015) 30 Years an Indian, Jefferson: McFarland

Chapter from Edited Book: Surname (article author), Initial, (Year of Publication) ‘Article Title’ In: Surname (editor(s)), Initial (ed. or eds.) Title of Book, Place of Publication, Publisher, page numbers of article
Example: Reid, D.R., (2013) ‘Fake Indians: Modern Day Native American Identity’ In: Lawson, R.M. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of American Indian Issues Today, Santa Barbra, ABC-CLIO

Journal Article: Surname, Initial, (Year of Publication), ‘Title of Article’, Journal Title, Vol. Number (Part Number), pages of contribution
Example: Reid, D.R., (2014) ‘Silent Film Killed the Clown: Recovering the Lost Life and Silent Film of Marceline Orbes, the Suicidal Clown of the New York Hippodrome, 1905-1915’, The Appendix, Vol. 2 (4), 68-75
Some General Rules
If no date is known for the source, replace the date with n.d. – (Bailyn, n.d.: 1995)
If two authors have the same surname, include their first initial after their surname (Reid, D., 2009: 115)
If one author has more than one piece published in the same year add an ‘a’ or ‘b’ (etc) after the date (Reid, 2015a: 115)
If an author’s name is unknown replace it with Anon. (Anon., 2014: 3)
Finally – whatever you do, be consistent.


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