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Test File
By: Sebastian



Project description
oSuggested length for your assigned question is approximately equivalent to 2 pages. You will use Times New Roman 12 and 1.5 space.
oUse any references from books, articles and websites to support your answer. It is important to cite accordingly (Please refer to the Information Literacy Tutorial in the Orientation Module) and to include your references at the end of the paper.

In the descriptive approach, “ungrammatical” simply means “not well-formed” in purely structural terms. However, the word “ungrammatical” is also used with a more general meaning. Which of the following sentences should be considered “ungrammatical” in your opinion and why?

1.There’s hundreds of students waiting outside.
2.Who’s there? It’s me and Lisa.
3.Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do.
4.You wasn’t here when he come looking for you.
5.I hate lobsters anymore.
6.Are y’all coming to see us soon?
7.That chair’s broke, so you shouldn’t ought to sit on it.
8.I can’t remember the name of the hotel that we stayed in it.
9.I never seen anything.
10.If you’d have come with, we’d have had more fun.

This rubric will be used to assess this activity:

Discussion Question Rubric
ProficientAverageNot There
Well-developed ideas.310
Clear evidence of critical thinking -application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Assignment is characterized by clarity of argument, depth of insight into theoretical issues, originality of treatment, and relevance. Arguments are well supported.530

Arguments are supported by research and references are included.530
Standard English mechanics and grammar were used in the initial post210

Yule, D. (2014). The Study of Language (5th Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapter 7, pp. 79-93)
3.Website “Foundational Issues about Grammar

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