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By: Sebastian

Generating and Analyzing Qualitative Data

Generating and Analyzing Qualitative Data

Unit 8: Generating and Analyzing Qualitative Data

Now, after working with quantitative analysis in the previous Unit, switch and imagine that you have decided to use qualitative methods to gather data.  Be sure to use the readings as guides and resources to think this through.  It is important that you cite at least two of the readings in your post.


•    Identify methods for gathering qualitative data
•    Match options for analyzing qualitative data with methods for gathering data
•    Describe how qualitative data can support social work and social justice practice
•    Describe the challenges in using qualitative data in social work research

Learning Activities

Part A

Qualitative Data and Social Work Research

Provide answers to the following QUESTIONS

•    Your research interest/question? ( There is the research question i used:

•    Given those methods , what types of data analysis you would use?.

•    Identify what if any are short comings of using these type(s) of data gathering and analysis

•    Identify what you need to learn to be able to properly analyze and present the data from your research using these methods and analysis.

TAKE NOTE : Cite at least two readings for your part A WORK. (some reading and website to look at are listed below.


In a paragraph write what you need to learn about qualitative methodology and what you think are one or two major contributions qualitative data methods can provide for research in social work.

Resources on Qualitative Data Analysis ( Readings from course work/ articles)

Wadsworth, Yolanda. (2011). Chapter 5: How to Go About Finding Out: Techniques B-P. Do It Yourself Social Research.  Australia: Allen & Unwin.  pp 67-115.

Trochim, William M. The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet WWW page, at URL: http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/kb/

look at Table of Contents, find the section on Measurement and then find the sections on Qualitative Data.  You may want to review the other information about Qualitative Data in the measurement section.

Below is the resource about Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis that we provided in the Unit on Quantitative Analysis, you may want to visit and take advantage of it for this work.

Manchester Metropolitan University (Department of Information and Communications) and Learn Higher offer a clear introductory “tutorial” to qualitative and quantitative data analysis through their Analyze This!!! site.  http://archive.learnhigher.ac.uk/analysethis/index.html

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