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Test File
By: Sebastian



Choose two of the following prompts and fr each question have two pages Responses should draw heavily from the
work least two authors on each only and be two pages double spaced. REMEMBER:
keep your thoughts simple, clear and to the point. Be thoughtful when using
jargon and make sure it is applied correctly don’t forget to use two authors for each question and examples……answer the question directly
a) In what ways are knowledge, power and change connected?
b) What is feminist standpoint epistemology and how did it emerge? What is
it challenging and how is it challenging it? What are the obstacles to
achieving feminist standpoint epistemology?
c) How does emotion, subjectivity and love contribute to feminist knowledge
d) How have marginalized folks reclaimed theory from a tool of the elite?
Why is theory useful for knowledge production and for taking back power
from dominant groups?
e) What is decolonization? How does knowledge contribute to this process?

What tools have you learned in this class and through the materials explored in it,
to resist oppression?. Combine readings OF ARTICLES, class
NOTES and personal experience COME UP WIT A NICE COLCLUSION


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