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1,500-word take-home exercise
Weighting: 40%, due 2 June, 5 PM

In the lecture of Week 12, we will compile a list of key terms from throughout the semester. For our final assignment, you will be given three separate lists of ten words each in three separate columns, taken from our discussion of key terms. You will receive these lists at the beginning of the day on 31 May 2016. Your task for this exercise is to create three separate essays, each with their own unique argument. Each essay will link one term or concept from each column. You are not allowed to reuse terms (or, you should use 9 terms in total for this assignment). Each argument should be elaborated as a 500-word essay that clearly defines each concept or term, identifies how they relate with a clearly stated argument, and supports claims with empirical evidence from readings, lectures, personal experience, or external examples. You do not need to cite sources, but key terms, theorists, books, and essays should be correctly identified and contextualised.

The point of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to make links between the different readings and subjects of this unit. This will be accomplished through the writing of clearly stated and supported arguments that draw on different materials in creative or surprising ways. An excellent response for this assignment will demonstrate not only a solid grasp on required readings and lectures, but an ability to synthesise different claims from our class, using material from readings and lectures in the shaping of your own, creative arguments.

Each essay should be NO MORE than 500 words, and will be worth 33.3% of the total mark for this assignment. In presenting this assignment, each essay should be given a title that lists the three terms it discusses. All essays should be in one word processing document.

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