Cyber security research paper topics for 2020

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The necessity of cyber security has been warranted by the advancements in technology. With virtually everything being done online, from online marketing and trade to education, online research and tutoring services, banking and of course entertainment to mention a few, the internet is a platform for progress and thus a target for evil geniuses.

Students, especially those pursuing careers related to technology, are often faced with the burden of writing a research paper in cyber security. It is a burden simply because it has to be interesting and informative not to mention objective at the same time. Hence finding an interesting topic will guarantee that you achieve all these goals with ease.

To come up with a captivating research topic in cyber security you must first get the gist of what cyber-crime is. Cyber-crime is any criminal activity that targets or uses a computer, a computer network or any other networked device. Basically, is what unethical hackers do. Various types of cyber-crimes exist. They include:

  • Internet fraud.( This is purposeful deception through the internet which involves hiding of information or providing incorrect information to con people money, property and inheritance)

  • Identity fraud (The deliberate use of another person’s identity to gain financial advantage or other benefits in the person’s name).

  • Theft of card payment or financial data

  • Cyberespionage (The use of computer networks to gain illegal access to confidential information of a certain company, organization or government).

  • Cyber extortion(This is where online criminals take hostage of your computer system, website or any other sensitive information till you meet their ultimatum)

  • Crypto jacking( Unauthorized usage of someone’s computer to obtain cryptocurrency)

Cyber security therefore is the practice of safe-guarding systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks aimed at accessing, modifying or sabotaging sensitive information, extorting money from users or disrupting day to day business operations. Nonetheless cyber security faces some threats which need to be constantly addressed and mitigated to strengthen data protection. Such threats are categorized into the following types;

  • Phishing which involves sending fraudulent emails which are identical to those from trusted sources with the aim of stealing personal data like credit card numbers or login information.

  • Malware which is a program designed to gain illicit access or cause harm to a computer system.

  • Software engineering. A hoax that online criminals use to dupe you into giving sensitive information. Examples of such tactics include clicking links or downloading malware from malicious sources.

  • It is a type of a software engineered to block access to files or computer systems until a ransom is paid. However there is no guarantee that access would be granted after such payments are made.

Now that you have a rough idea of what cyber-crime and cyber security is, here is a list of some of the research topics you can use for your research paper. Note that the topics provided below are applicable at high school, undergraduate, masters and professional level research. We have meticulously selected and provided for you exhaustively the trending topics in cyber security which cut across different disciplines in the technological sector. You may use them directly or use them as a basis and inspiration to formulate your own research topic.

  1. A glance at the security measures in Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Mac-OS, and UNIX.

  2. How antimalware software detects and deters cyber-attacks.

  3. Leading internet able antivirus software.

  4. Prominent antivirus software for businesses and organizations.

  5. Reasons why organizations should invest in strong antimalware.

  6. An analysis of the history, impacts, and remedies of ransomware.

  7. The mechanism of encrypting viruses.

  8. A head to head comparison of the security measures used by top operating systems.

  9. The security of computer hardware from attacks.

  10. The close relationship between cybersecurity and cookies.

  11. How firewalls aid in the prevention of cyber-crimes.

  12. The relationship between file downloads and cyber security.

  13. How to stop phishing.

  14. An analysis of the utility of encryption algorithms.

  15. Effectiveness of internet security in social networks.

  16. The process of authentication and its effectiveness.

  17. The mechanism of network intrusion by hackers in the online world;

  18. Proven ways of virus encryption.

  19. Device synchronization and its implications for international protection.

  20. The greatest international cyber-attack that ever occurred in the 21st

  21. Emerging issues from the advent of bots?

  22. A deep analysis of the computer threats facing Apple Inc.

  23. How third-party vendors work as a gateway to cyber-attacks by hackers.

  24. Reasons why there is a shortage of skilled cyber security personnel in organizations.

  25. The importance of y audits on information technology systems.

  26. An analysis of the connection between digital piracy and digital security.

  27. How to create secure passwords for online transactions.

  28. Tips for businesses on avoiding online identity theft.

  29. Online dating and how people can protect their privacy on online dating sites.

  30. A study of the significance of two-factor authentication.

  31. Ways of protecting yourself from cyber-crimes.

  32. Why data breaches are not easy to do away with.

  33. Steps to follow when your account has been hacked.

  34. The necessity of regular software updates and patches.

  35. Reasons why public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to digital attacks.

  36. How businesses can deter online phishing scams.

  37. The importance of privacy on your smartphone.

  38. Everything you need to know about social engineering and its significance.

  39. The main reason behind cybercrimes.

  40. Pros and cons of unified user profiles.

  41. Effectiveness of cyber security warning and detection systems.

  42. An analysis of the legal redress options for organizations against cyber-crimes.

  43. Are hardware components of computers free from cyber-attacks?

  44. Firewall and how it helps in preventing network attacks?

  45. Internet security in social networks.

  46. Data encryption algorithms.

  47. DDos attacks on Io T devices.

  48. Importance of cybersecurity audits on systems

  49. Cybersecurity administration process.

  50. Challenges facing cybersecurity worldwide.

  51. The Role of cryptography in the fight against cyber fraud.

  52. The 5 pillars of the global cybersecurity agenda.

  53. The impact of cyber-attacks in the operations of companies.

  54. The legal mechanisms against cybercrimes.

  55. Inter-agency information sharing and cooperation in fighting online crimes.

  56. Ethical hacking and its implications in the tech world.

  57. Who is a good hacker and who is a bad one?

  58. The impact of centralization of data storage on cybersecurity.

  59. The role of good data governance regimes in protecting companies against cyber-attacks.

  60. Vital components of data and IT governance?

  61. Steps and procedures of responding to emergency hacking.

  62. The connection between two-step authentication and online fraud.

  63. Does a regular change of passwords affect the prediction of cyber-attacks?

  64. Motivations behind identity theft and other cyber crimes

  65. Recent Cyber Security Research Topics

  66. High-end device synchronization and protection

  67. The essentials of Intranet security.

  68. Impacts of data encryption on data quality and safety.

  69. Online Management, Experimentation, and Game (OMEGA) of Large-Scale Networks.

  70. Would a ’Cyber Warrior’ Protect Us? Exploring Trade-offs Between Attack and Defense of Information Systems

  71. The rise of computer forensics and its significant in the digital era?

  72. Process of secure event processing.

  73. Stega analysis and steganography analysis.

  74. RFID security systems.

  75. Most enormous data breach in the 21st century

  76. Understanding the dark web and its role in organized crime.

  77. The social and security influence of social networks.


  79. Data protection laws and cybersecurity.

  80. Vulnerability analysis and reverse engineering.

  81. Digital image processing in forensic analysis.

  82. Digital forensic tools used in analyzing threats.

  83. Understanding authorization infrastructures.

  84. How to bar network attacks.

  85. Risk management in computer.

  86. The most prominent pandemics of cyber viruses.

  87. Terms and conditions in the software and their relevance.

  88. Digital piracy and security.

  89. The most well-known closed vulnerabilities.

  90. Biometrics and cyber security.

  91. Cybersecurity statistics: An overall industry perspective and the economic outlook.

  92. Managing security in the ever hanging remote workplace.

  93. How to secure your online business with the right domains.

The above topics cover most of the trending concerns in the tech world and are as straightforward as possible to make them much easier to research on. Knowing the best topic is the initial step to write a prolific research paper, however you have to read widely on it to get the necessary information so as to deliver appreciable factual work.









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