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Test File
By: Sebastian



Paper details:

see in the material, and must mention all the cases in contract revision guide. also needs to explain the cases.

This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment requires you to write a 2000 word original advice to the following scenario:-

Following last season’s poor quality applicants and low viewing figures for his TV show “You’re Hired” where the winner of the program is a
of his TV Production Company. Simon wants to rebrand the show and would like to appoint American celebrity sisters Kim. Khloe and Kou
judging panel each episode and at the finale for a fee of £1 .000.000 each. As the global popularity of the sisters is so high Simon knows
guaranteed to raise applications. viewing figures and advertising revenue worldwide and as a consequence wants to ensure the agreeme

He is aware that America is not governed by English Law and is keen to ensure that all his business dealings are binding under English cc
actionable only in the English courts. To ensure this Simons lawyers now insert a legally binding clause to this effect into each new busine

As Simons legal adviser advise him

1) Of the requirements of a legally binding contract under English Law


2) Of the consequences if contrary to the agreement. the sisters do not attend the finale of the show

Please note that this scenario is fictitious and is to be considered and used only for the purpose of academic debate for this assessment.

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