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By: Sebastian

Choosing a Model of Supervision

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Effective clinical social work supervisors have a clear understanding of their particular clinical and theoretical perspectives. This clarity helps guide their clinical practice and the implementation of a supervision model. Once you figure out your clinical and theoretical perspectives, you will be in a better position to choose a model that you believe will help you guide supervisees with both a clear direction and focus.

Review the different clinical supervision models presented in Chapter 2 of the course text and in this week’s articles. Choose a model of supervision that you believe will help you guide supervisees with a clear direction and focus. Be sure to thoroughly read the models and determine which one matches your clinical and theoretical perspectives. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:
• How do I believe clinical skills are developed?
• What theories do I tend to use in my practice?
• What factors are important to consider when working with a specific social problem and/or population?

Post by Day 3 your responses to the following:
• State the clinical supervision model that you would use as a clinical social work supervisor.
• Outline the basic tenets of the clinical supervision model, including the theoretical perspective.
• Describe how the clinical supervision model matches your clinical perspective.
• Describe a possible scenario with a supervisee and how you would use this model as the supervisor.

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