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By: Sebastian

Child Development in Families and Communities

Child Development in Families and Communities

Subject: Medicine and Health


The purpose of the paper is for you to relate the concepts of the course to the actual experiences of children, parents, or caregivers, you are going to interview, 2 adults (parents, teachers, or caregivers) or 2 children (ages 6-8). Your task is to learn about a certain aspect of the development of children, parenting, or care giving. For instance, you could interview two children (ages 6-8), asking about their experiences with friendships or academic performance. Alternatively, you could interview two mothers or fathers asking them about their experiences with child birth or about the daily routine of their two-year-old. You could also interview preschool or primary school teachers about the acquisition of reading and writing skills, or their involvement with a child with special needs.

This paper should describe and compare the responses of the two interviews. You need to apply theoretical concepts from the course when you do the description and comparison.
1. Please provide a Title for your project

2. State the broad research question that you will try to answer by carrying out this small research project. For instance:
– How do eight-year-olds choose friends?
– What does a typical day look like for mothers/fathers with two-year-old children?
– What expectations did you have in becoming a parent, how is it different/same?
– What is it like to be a single parent?

3. Describe the two individuals who are going to participate in your study.

4. Specify four interview questions that you are going to use in your interviews. These are the questions that allow you to gather information in order to answer your broad research question.


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