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Test File
By: Sebastian

Causing Harm

answers to the questions and attend the Seminar.
Seminar 2 Problem Question
Davo is the owner and operator of a cinema complex that screens
movies and has 10 employees working for him.
The complex has a candy bar that customers can buy food and drink
from before sitting down to watch a movie.
One Saturday evening at 7pm, a customer accidentally spills a big
container of soft drink on the tiled floor in the crowded candy bar.
Davo puts up a yellow “Warning – Wet Floor” sign next to the puddle.
Laws7023 Business and Corporate Law – Seminar Exercise 2
He intends to do something else to clean the puddle up, but is then
called away to deal with another problem in the complex.
The cinema and the candy bar gets more and more crowded as people
start arriving at the movies for the 8pm movie session.
Maria and Brad then arrive at the cinema, buy their movie tickets and
decide to go to the candy bar.
As they walk into the candy bar area, they are looking at the snacks on
offer and the posters on the wall advertising movies and do not notice
the warning sign or the puddle.
Maria slips in the puddle, hits the floor and fractures her knee.
Can Maria bring an action in the Tort of Negligence against Davo? Or

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