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By: Sebastian

case study on media in the United Arab Emirates

case study on media in the United Arab Emirates


Assignment 2- Case Study
Objective: To conduct and write complete case study on media in the United Arab Emirates.
To achieve that:
1. Make sure that you read and comprehend the related materials on the Study Materials folder and check the assessment framework of this assignment on BBLearn.
2. This assignment is an individual task.
3. You need to define the “media” that you want to do your research on.
4. You need to specify the issue/s you are going to address (example: Dubai Media City, the internet service in the UAE, media regulations in the UAE.. etc.)
5. Make sure to write this clearly in your proposal. Do not forget the cover sheet for the proposal.
6. Make sure to present your proposal before start working on the assignment.
7. The proposal should include:
a. The cover page should have the college name, the program name (Applied …), the course name, the title of your case study, your name and ID, the teacher’s name, and the submission date. These should be distributed in a nice way.
b. Reasons/justification of your choice
c. What goals you are going to achieve?
d. The method of collecting and analyzing the information.
e. The importance of this paper to the country
f. Three questions at least that your paper will answer
g. The main resources you are going to use
h. Your research methodology

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