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By: Sebastian

Autism spectrum disorder and violence

Autism spectrum disorder and violence

Paper details:

Mental Health in the News Paper
Throughout the course, I will provide examples of how mental health topics are discussed in the news media. At the end of the semester you will write a final paper that integrates an idea explored in a newspaper article with scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journal articles. For this assignment, you will:

• identify an article from a credible local, national or international newspaper that discusses a topic related to mental health (we will work in class to identify the topic you want to focus on for the paper).

• write up a brief description of the newspaper article.

• review three peer-reviewed journal articles, in addition, to your book, to elaborate on the identified topic related to mental health.

All papers are due at the beginning of class. You will need to submit the paper via turnitin. The paper should be 8 pages long, double-spaced (Not including title page or references). You must use only peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals and follow APA guidelines. The document should be written in 12-font times new roman with 1-inch margin and include a title page and a reference page. You may NOT cite lecture, Wikipedia or similar websites, news/newspapers, magazines, books, or personal communication as supporting sources.

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