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By: Sebastian

Applied marketing

Applied marketing

1.    Products and services can be divided into four levels: core need, expected, augmented, and potential. Explain these terms, illustrating your answer with

examples. Why is it important to monitor potential developments in the marketing environment?
(Core/basic  need e.g. car/transport hotel/shelter. Expected is physical appearance. Augmented extras e.g. hotel gym, potential what can be done in the future.

Monitoring needed as market may change (& quickly) and the org is not in a position to respond e.g. Kodak, HMV  )

2.    Describe the essential characteristics of a marketing orientated company, illustrating your answer with examples. Explain how the desire to become more

efficient may conflict with an organization’s effectiveness
(Finding out customer needs and satisfying them, customer focus, market monitoring etc. Efficiency is a focus on doing things right, production/ internal focus.

Effectiveness is focusing on customer needs. Too many orgs focus on improving procedures at expense of customer needs.)

3.    How are the decision making processes in the purchase of consumer durables and fast moving consumer products likely to differ? Illustrate your answer with

(Influences/buy group/ quantities/ closeness of buyer and seller/ features & benefits etc are all likely to differ)
4.    Describe the different stages of the product life cycle model illustrating your answer with examples. Explain in what ways the model might mislead marketing

(Intro/growth/maturity /decline with explanation. Limits does it happen/ time in each phase/does not identify turning points)

5.    Explain the different stages in the new product development process illustrating   your answer with relevant answers. Why should following the process help

reduce failures in the launch of new products?
(Stages of idea generation/screening/concept testing/ market strat/ bus analysis/prod develop/market testing/commercialization. Alternative models  accepted (e.g.

Jobber 7 step). Model structures the process and identifies when product idea need to be stopped or refined.  )
6.        Explain three distribution options that are available to a producer of luxury chocolates. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
(Own stores/supermarkets/independents/ on line/ franchises)

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