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By: Sebastian

Applied Macroeconomics

Applied Macroeconomics

please just do question 1 and question 5
Note: The table with the parametrisation of Rule A at the bottom of page 5 contains a typo. It should read alpha_g = 0.25 and not 0.50.

hard copy to an Assignment Box (to be announced), located on the ground
oor of
the Australian School of Business building, in the West wing by 4:00pm on Monday 9
September 2013. Do not use plastic sheets or binders. Simply staple the pages together.
The name and ID of each team member should be on the cover page. The deadline
for submission for both the electronic and hard copy is Monday, 9 September 2013
4.00pm. This assignment counts for 17 percent of the nal mark. As this component of
assessment is worth less than 20%, special consideration does not apply. Submit ONE
hard copy and ONE electronic copy per team. There are penalties for submitting more
than one copy as it interferes with antiplagarism controls.
Team size: Students are encouraged (but not obliged) to self-organise into groups of 2
or 3 members each and hand in one assignment per team. The maximum size of a team
is 3 students. Assignments produced by larger teams will not be marked.
Late Submission Policy: If your team fails to submit both the electronic copy and the hard
copy by the given deadline your assignment will not be marked. Special consideration
does not apply to the late submission of the team assignment. Your team has many
weeks to complete the assignment and it is your risk if you decide to leave things to the
last few minutes to complete. This policy will be enforced to the minute.

All electronic copies of essays will checked for plagiarism on the Turnitin
software into which they are uploaded. See notes on Plagiarism in the Course Outline and
also note that the Turnitin software will automatically check against all other assignments
submitted (including in the past and to other institutions all over the world). Please also
note that it will be academic misconduct if the copy submitted electronically is not the
same as the copy given to your tutor. While discussing the assignments with peers is
encouraged, do not lend your assignment to another student. When an assignment is
copied, it is dicult for the instructor to determine who the copier is and your team may
be penalised heavily.
Consultation: The tutorial session ofWeek 6 will give a chance to ask clarifying questions.
ECON 2104 – Applied Macroeconomics

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