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By: Sebastian

Analyze information systems database

Analyze information systems database

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Draw an entity- relationship diagram ( one diagram ) for the following database system requirements:

, the excel sheet is our first decision, the second and the third one are the result form that decision , the report should be structured in this way and go through those steps ,

Use the basic marketing strategy and planning blueprint provided in the module: as it is showed on the picture on the bottum of the page.

(1) audit


(3) translation

(4) evaluation. Of course you won’t have enough data to do a
thorough audit, but use the material that you have using your common sense.

Audit: Past Data
Channel 1 = 190
Channel 2 = 146
Calculated ours according to formula in slides
Ours: Channel 1: $219, Channel 2: $168

Strategy: Niche
Target Segment: Professional Creators: Need speed, spends the most time using the VRD, as they spend the most time using a computer, 10% last year’s sales
They had clear preferences in terms of a high number of Special Commands
So we increased our special commands from 8 to 16
Channel 1: traditional retailers
Channel 2: online, and as Creators are techsavvy and on their computers, we thought this would be their main channel for purchasing.
Sales reps: 8 vs. 12
$8000(8^2) = 512,000
92500 to 95000
Used “Reminder” –    thinking that existing customer base would remain thesame
Should’ve done Pioneering to increase VRD product/industry awareness
Wholesale price of $110 instead of $95 as we didn’t want to increase it too drastically

EVALUATION: “what we should’ve done?”    advertising got severely cut back because of high product modification costs resulting from our desire to cater to a very specific customer segment
$110 was far too cheap considering we were the second cheapest VRD, although we had the most special commands in the industry

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