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Test File
By: Sebastian

a proposal to solve a Problem

Topic: a proposal to solve a Problem

Order Description
describing the problem and your solution/claim. include your research question. List your ideas that will support your claim and bring in a typed list of 5 specific sources.
1. description of the problem so that the audience understands that it is urgent.
2. your solution(claim) developed in detail and supported with source material.
3. overcome the objection to your solution,citing sources to back up your argument.
a few ideas:
1. a local problem on your own campus- you can research it by interviewing students, faculty or administrators and finding out how other schools may have solved such problems.
2. lack of adequate child care in the community.
3. the perceived failure of public high schools to provide their students a rigorous education- you could focus on a specific problem such as a possible lack of counseling,curriculum, facilities, climate of learning.

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