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By: Sebastian

“the Cuckoo’s Egg” Case Study paper

“the Cuckoo’s Egg” Case Study paper


the Cuckoo’s Egg (1986) Case Study paper


1. Take an event or development in cyber-conflict and perform an historical case study.

2. Choose one aspect of cyber-conflict and examine alternative approaches or theories that could improve understanding of the subject.

3. Examine a salient policy problem of a relevant topic and propose a solution in a global context.

Evaluation Criteria:

-Papers must be a minimum of 3000 words in length, double-spaced, and typed with 12-point Times New Roman font.

-Author will have a minimum of 4 sources and max of 6 sources

-APA formatting


-Has the author identified and defined the central issue?

-Is this issue of major importance to the intelligence community or of major concern to users of intelligence?

-Has the author revisited a known issue and proposed a new approach or solution, or has the author defined an issue or approach from a new perspective?

Research and Analysis:

-Has the author done original research, such as interviews or use of primary material, to bolster their paper?

-Are the facts and opinions from this research analyzed to make a coherent case on how and why this incident is historically relevant?


-Is the author’s product clearly presented and well organized?

-Is the issue clearly described and documented with the recommendations and proposed outcomes precisely laid out?

-Is the writing clear and lucid?


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