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Test File
By: Sebastian

‘physicians should participate in assisting patients’ suicides – agree or disagree?

‘physicians should participate in assisting patients’ suicides – agree or disagree?

Major Essay
How Long? 6-8 pages (not inclusive of title page or references)
What references? APA Format (6th edition): See here –>
How is it graded?
? 40% Descriptive – How accurate and insightful is your description of the issue at hand. Are you being careful with the concepts you’re using? Have you fairly represented the issues? Do you know the issues? Do you know what makes an issue important to this question? Have you uncovered some less discussed or original points to consider?
? 40% Normative – How sound is your argument? Are there some unexplored ramifications of your stance that you haven’t considered? What is the possible ‘foreseeable’ side-effect outcomes if we took your approach?
? 20% Technique – Writing quality and use of proper argumentation are necessary. Each unique error in basic grammar, spelling, and logic will cost you one mark to a maximum of 20.
o Avoid such a fate by consulting here for argumentation (
o And here for grammar and other writing elements
o For a good overview of the whole writing process
The TAs have passed on these questions to me, which I will answer here.
Here we go…
Q1: “They are not sure whether or not they should use personal or
impersonal writing style in their essay.”
A1: The use of personal pronouns (“I, we, my”) are fine. The key
is to not let the personalization negatively affect the rigor of your
essay (don’t get too “blog-like” with it – it’s still a formal
Q2: “They asked how many references are the minimum”
A2: “There is no minimum, but I think 7-10 would be the
minimum. You should use as many as you think are necessary to
support your argument. No more, no less. You should also think
about how ‘doing the minimum’ will be reflected in your mark.
Q3: “They are wondering if they should take a single extreme
position or not (agree or disagree). Some of them say that they
cannot just agree or disagree completely.”
A3: Obviously, you can agree or disagree completely or partially
(conditionally). You just have to fully support your argument to
show why we should be convinced by your point of view, rather
than mock you silly.
I’ll keep answering any common questions I get and circulate it
by email to all.

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